President of Grenoble INP – UGA visits ShanghaiTech

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On the afternoon of May 28, Vivien Quéma, President of Grenoble INP – UGA, and Lorena Anghel, Vice President for International Affairs, paid a visit to ShanghaiTech University. The French delegation was warmly received by Yin Jie, ShanghaiTech’s Executive Vice President and Provost, as well as Vice President Zhu Zhiyuan and Vice President Jiang Ge.

Since the signing of the Letter of Intent in August 2022, ShanghaiTech and Grenoble INP – UGA have maintained a strong and positive relationship. During this meeting, Jiang Ge provided a brief introduction to ShanghaiTech, highlighting its focus on internationalization and talent development. Lorena Anghel shared general information about Grenoble INP – UGA, and elaborated on its various degree programs. The discussion also touched upon the unique engineering training system in France, and the English-taught master’s programs at Grenoble INP – UGA. Both institutions reached a consensus on the importance of enhancing student and faculty exchange and collaboration in the future.

Group photo of the meeting participants

Prior to the meeting, the French guests were treated to a comprehensive tour organized by the Office of International Affairs. They visited the School of Physical Science and Technology (SPST), School of Information Science and Technology (SIST), Shanghai Institute for Advanced Immunochemical Studies (SIAIS), iHuman Institute, School of Biomedical Engineering (BME) and Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMS). This tour allowed the delegation to gain valuable insights into ShanghaiTech’s disciplinary setup and left them deeply impressed by the remarkable achievements in scientific research and technology transfer.


On May 29, the French delegation continued their exploration by visiting the Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (SSRF) and the Shanghai-XFEL Beamline Project to further learn about the history, construction and operation of the prominent large-scale scientific facilities surrounding ShanghaiTech.


Vivien Quéma has served as the President of Grenoble INP – UGA since February 29, 2024, and this visit marked his first time at ShanghaiTech University. Joining him in the delegation were Jean-Emmanuel Broquin, Deputy Director of International Affairs at Phelma (School of Physics, Electronics & Materials Sciences) and Olivier Gaudoin, Director of International Relations at Ensimag (School of Applied Mathematics & Computer Sciences). Accompanying the delegation were Séverine Boué, Education Attaché, Bastien Salanon, Deputy Attaché for Science and Technology, both from the French Consulate General in Shanghai, as well as Jean-Marie Bourgeois-Demersay, Ingénieur général des Mines and French Dean of IFCEN.


Others representing ShanghaiTech University in the meeting included Yu Jingyi, Vice Provost and Executive Dean of SIST, and representatives from the relevant schools, institutes and administrative offices.

Grenoble INP – UGA


Founded in 1900, Grenoble INP – UGA is a prestigious engineering school located in Grenoble, a renowned science city recognized for its world-class research institutes, laboratories and R&D centers operated by multinational corporations. Grenoble INP – UGA comprises eight engineering and management schools, accommodating approximately 8,350 students, including 23% international students. Notably, Grenoble INP – UGA ranks among the top 100 globally (and top 5 within France) in the 2023 QS Rankings for Engineering and Technology, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Materials Sciences. It also ranks within the top 10 in France for Computer Science and Information Systems, Mechanical, Aerospace and Manufacturing Engineering, Environmental Sciences, and Physics and Astronomy.