Hi I’m Ding Peng, I’m a senior student in SIST, major in computer science.

Geek Pie is a tech-oriented association led by students and operated by students. Almost every year almost every Hackathon will see some teams from Geek Pie. You will find the room 203 is always open and the lights never turn off during the night, especially during the final time. You can even sleep here. You can easily find people to talk to and share thoughts and it will be easy to spark the new ideas.

The professors at SIST are very open to students. It’s very easy to get in touch with them. They always share new thoughts and will inspire you and encourage you to try new things. One of my professors, he taught me Introduction of Science and Technology. He said, “You need to focus on your ideas. The concept running underneath the program. When you graduate you may not even use any of the knowledge studied when you were programming things. But you do need to understand the principles, the tradeoff for every design of your program and why you choose it. That helps you become a better programmer to help have a better understanding of not only computer science but also it will help you understand society better."

I think the best part of being at ShanghaiTech is we’re the innovators, we’re the foundation of the university. We’re the first batch of students. When we came, there was barely anything standing at this ground. We look at all the buildings rising up and then we see how the curriculum developed.  Even though everything is still developing you can see how it will be in 10 years. In 10 years when we look back we will be very honored and very happy to see this university has a world-famous reputation. I think it will be.