Photon Science Summer School held from July 17 to 21

ON2023-08-13TAG: ShanghaiTech UniversityCATEGORY: Center for Transformative Science

The 5th Photon Science Summer School (PSSS) of ShanghaiTech was held onsite as usualand was jointly organized by CTS, SPST, iHuman and the Graduate School, bringing an exciting scientific feast to the participants. Vice President Jiang Ge attended the opening ceremony on July 17.

“As cutting-edge tools for scientific exploration, the large-scale scientific facilities play a key role in contributing to the development of science and technology of this nation. Compared with some large-scale scientific facilities in other countries, some of the facilities under construction in China have already taken the lead in performance,” said Jiang Ge in his address, and he encouraged the PSSS students to utilize this learning opportunity for exploring scientific research related to the development of these large-scale scientific facilities and relevant projects based on them. “We will face new technical challenges and new scientific problems that need to be solved while we are exploring knowledge at the frontiers of the science of large-scale facilities—knowledge so far unknown to we humans. Tackling these challenges is the goal of PSSS.”

Jiang Ge delivered an address in the opening ceremony.

Academician Rao Zihe delivered a special lecture on “Photon Science and Life Science”.

This year, PSSS invited many well-known scholars from home and abroad to give excellent lectures, including academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Rao Zihe, and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhao Zhentang. Over 270 senior undergraduates, graduate students and young researchers from 82 institutions gathered at ShanghaiTech, learning, exchanging ideas, and improving their theoretical and practical abilities in photon science. The theme of this PSSS was “Life Science and Materials”, aiming to promote scientific research innovation in a broad spanned and multidisciplined scale, as well as supporting technology innovation in the field of health care based on the core advantages brought by the interdisciplinary feature of large-scale scientific facilities.

The 5th PSSS lasted for five days with a total of 19 lectures being held, during which the participants were also taken on guided field visits to the large-scale scientific facilities. The course contents covered a variety of fields such as large scientific facilities, accelerators, detection technology methodology, and life sciences. Specifically, synchrotron radiation and free electron laser devices were included as key parts of the content. Students learned about the performance and characteristics of some domestic devices and gained a systematic knowledge of the role of large scientific facilities in promoting the development of materials science. Basic principles and application examples of various methods of detection and characterization of different materials were also introduced to the students.

Group photo of the students and lecturers.

From 2019 to 2022, ShanghaiTech held PSSS four times, delivering lectures to more than 2,500 students, and achieving wide praise from lecturers and students. After the success of the 5th PSSS, the course contents will be continuously optimized to increase the PSSS influence in the photon industry, and PSSS is sure to become a classic brand in photon science education.