Assistant Professor Liu Wei of SPST selected as one of the Highly Cited Researchers for 2021

ON2021-12-24TAG: ShanghaiTech UniversityCATEGORY: School of Physical Science and Technology

Recently, Clarivate Analytics released the list of Highly Cited Researchers for the year of 2021. A total of 6,602 scientists from more than 70 countries have been selected. The highly cited papers of the selected scientists on the list have a cited frequency in the top 1% of their disciplines, reflecting their significant academic influence among their peers. Assistant Professor Liu Wei of SPST was selected among the Highly Cited Scientists in Interdisciplinary Sciences.


Prof. Liu joined SPST in March 2017, and her research work mainly involves solid-state ionic materials, nanomaterials and ceramic-based composites. She also conducts applied research in the fields of energy storage and environment, ranging from solid-state lithium batteries, to ion sieving films, electrochromic devices and to memory resistors.


In recent years, Prof. Liu's group has made a series of important advances in solid-state lithium battery materials and devices, and the related results have been published in Advanced Materials, Chem, Nano Letters, Advanced Functional Materials and other top academic journals. The group members have designed and prepared a series of new organic and inorganic composite solid electrolyte materials, and they also proposed a new sintering method for inorganic solid electrolytes to improve the electrical conductivity and interfacial stability of the materials. A series of stable lithium cathode materials have also been developed to enhance the electrochemical performance of solid-state lithium batteries. In addition, Prof. Liu also serves as a youth editorial board member of the academic journals Journal of Advanced Ceramics, Materials Today Energy and Transactions of Tianjin University.


Liu Wei's group has collaborated deeply with several research groups of SPST in the fields of materials, chemistry and physics, accelerating the research progress in cross-cutting areas. The Division of System Materials, in SPST, to which Liu Wei is affiliated, advocates the concept of combining the materials research in the aspect of synthesis, characterization, properties with the development of devices, and uses interdisciplinary approaches to solve important challenges in the field of new materials. The selection of Prof. Liu Wei highlights the characteristics of ShanghaiTech's interdisciplinary research and fully reflects the remarkable achievements in cultivating young talents and building interdisciplinary systems.