The 4th Innovation & Entrepreneurship Summit, from October 20 to December

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Competition guide for the 4th Innovation & Entrepreneurship Summit

Time: Begins from October 20 to December

The 4th Innovation & Entrepreneurship Summit of ShanghaiTech is now coming. Innovation and entrepreneurship projects are welcomedThe Summit aims to create an innovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere, push entrepreneurship practice education forward, discover original innovation technology and entrepreneurship teams, and integrate high-level scientist entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and experts to build an innovation and entrepreneurship platform for Zhangjiang Science Center.

To promote the fusion of innovation and entrepreneurship with science and art creativity, and to popularize the latest science and technology, the Summit will have a science popularization competition and call for original science popularization projects from students and faculty with unlimited topics.

     1. Focus areas:

a) Physical science and technology: New Material/New Energy/Carbon Neutrality Technology

b) Information science and technology: New Generation of Information and Communication Technology/AI Tech/Intelligent Manufacturing Technology

c) Life science and technology: Biomedicines/Medicial Apparatus and Instruments/Innovative Healthcare Technology

Group types: faculty group, student group

Competition arrangement:

     - From now to October 29, project submission

- October 20, pre-competition training

- October 27 to 28, pre-competition roadshow

Roadshow session:

- November 5, 9 a.m., ShanghaiTech Audtiorium: New Material/New Energy/Carbon Neutrality Technology

- November 12, 9 a.m., ShanghaiTech Audtiorium: New Generation of Information and Communication Technology/AI Tech/Intelligent Manufacturing Technology

- November 19, 9 a.m., ShanghaiTech Audtiorium: Biomedicines/Medicial Apparatus and Instruments/Innovative Healthcare Technology

- From now to November 10, science popularization competition 

- December, Conference Center, the Startup Carnival

2. Brief agenda for each competition:

9:00-9:30 registration

9:30-9:35 welcome address by university leadership

9:35-9:40 introduction to the competition rules

9:40-11:40 project roadshow (first half of event)

11:40-13:00 lunch and discussion

13:00-15:00 project roadshow (second half of event)

15:00-15:30 discussion

3. Eligibility and requirement for participants:

a) All students and faculty, alumni graduated in the past three years, researchers from the institutes of CAS, and researchers from the organizations in cooperation with ShanghaiTech are eligible to participate

b) Participate as a team, with at least three people in each team and one project leader. Each participant is only allowed to participate in one team and only one project is allowed to be submitted by the same group. Cross-professional, cross-college, and cross-unit team formation is encouraged.

4. Requirements of the projects:

a)     All projects must be submitted in one of the above nine major directions. It is strongly recommended that the participating project has at least one submitted high-level technology patent application

b)     The project must be original, true, non-violent and legal

c)     It is encouraged that competitors participate in the competition and submit the projects across different disciplines and schools

d)     In order to have more original and breakthrough projects participating in the competition, it is recommended that those who have an IP original innovation or have established companies but have not financed should actively register

e)     Projects that have won the first prize at a previous Innovation & Entrepreneurship Summit cannot be summitted in this competition

5. Prize settings

a) Each roadshow will have one First Prize, two Second Prizes, and three Third Prizes for each group (student/faculty). Corporate executives and investors invited to the competition and present on-site will score for each project

b) This competition will also set up three Best Popularity Awards. All projects will be exhibited at the Startup Carnival and the Best Popularity Award will be voted for by all the guests.

c) Award-winning projects of this competition will be favored in terms of entrepreneurial practice matters such as entering the campus incubator, participating in entrepreneurial activities and lectures, and investor docking.

6. How to apply:

Click the links to start your application (the interface is in Chinese):

Roadshow session:

Science popularity competition:

Deadline: The application deadline is now extended to October 29!

Application materials: 

1.Online application

2.A brief introductory PPT of your projects. The PPT should be sent to by email, with a title in the form of “group type + roadshow session + project name + project leader’s name”. The final roadshow PPT can be emailed three days before roadshow sessions.