Orientation week | ShanghaiTech welcomes its 2021 new students to start a new journey

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On September 5, a total of 429 freshmen from 18 provinces and cities across the country completed registration at the Student Center of ShanghaiTech University. Having undergone repeated outbreaks of the Covid-19 epidemic and extremely heavy rainfall in Henan in 2021, the new students finally arrived and began to write a new chapter in their lives.

Implementing Covid-19 prevention and control before and after registration

Before the registration, ShanghaiTech epidemic prevention group formulated campus entrance policies according to the requirements of their superior to ensure the freshmen’s safe enrollment. The Office of Student Affairs worked with the Office of General Services and various schools and colleges to formulate a work plan for newcomers, in advance of their arrival. For example, all freshmen were required to fill in an epidemic prevention questionnaire, upload itinerary details, health code, nucleic acid test report and vaccination code (if any), and carry out 14-day self-health observation before entering the campus. On the day of registration, the university arranged sufficient security personnel and volunteers to strictly check students, one by one, according to the name list, and take their body temperatures, at the school gate. After that, the university arranged for new students to do the nucleic acid test again on campus, and provided voluntary vaccination services for students who had not been vaccinated, so as to comprehensively protect campus security.


The security staff checking a student’s information at the school gate.



All new students underwent nucleic acid tests after entering the university.

Offering warm and considerate services to newcomers

Due to the epidemic prevention and control regulations, parents of the new students were not allowed to enter the campus this year, so the university built some temporary shade sheds outside the school gate for them to rest. In addition, many warm-hearted seniors served as volunteers to guide the freshmen, introduce the campus, carry luggage, and answer questions.


New students’ parents are waiting under the shade sheds outside the school gate.

The Office of General Services provided several electric cars and carts to carry luggage for the students, and the volunteers organized by the Youth League Committee were ready to give a helping hand to the freshmen, as needed, in every corner of the campus, impressing freshmen with the warmth of home.




Volunteers are helping carry luggage.

In order to facilitate a quick check-in for students, the university had opened access to the dormitory inquiry system ahead of time. And the registration window in the dormitory building checked students' identity with high efficiency.

Students are checking into the dormitory.

The Dean of each college also came to the dormitory to talk with students and help them take care of their living arrangements.

Professor Hu Jinbo, Dean of Shangdao College, visited the freshmen in the dormitory.

Professor Liu Zhijie, Dean of Dadao College, helped freshmen carry their luggage.

The Kedao College set up a dean's reception room, open to all 2021 new students of this college. Professor Yang Yang, Dean of Kedao College, talked with the freshmen face to face about their future outlook. There was also a roommate group photo wall located in the courtyard of Kedao College. Students could take the first beautiful picture with new roommates there.


Conducting efficient and orderly on-site registration

In the early morning of September 5, the faculty, staff and volunteers from schools and offices of ShanghaiTech made full preparations for on-the-spot registration. The students lined up, in order, and submitted files and verified relevant information according to the process guide. Meanwhile, the screen on the first floor of the Student Center was displaying real-time registration data. The university leaders also came to talk with some freshmen on-site and greeted the teachers and students who participated in the orientation.



The registration was carried out in an orderly way.

University leaders were talking to new students.


In the following orientation week, there will be a series of wonderful events, including opening ceremonies in the different schools, colorful activities of the three colleges, comprehensive orientation education and welcome activities organized by the Youth League and Student Union.


Wishing all of the new students a fruitful journey at ShanghaiTech!