ShanghaiTech held welcome and get-together activities for UCB & UIUC visiting students

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ShanghaiTech University has established long-term cooperation with the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), with continuous academic and personnel exchanges over the years. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some admitted Chinese students cannot go to the United States on schedule and must take courses online. At the request of these two universities, ShanghaiTech has accepted 28 such students and will continue to provide them with a favorable learning environment.


To help the UCB & UIUC visiting students better adapt to campus life, the Office of International Affairs organized a welcome meeting for them on March 9, 2021. Vice President Jiang Ge, along with leaders of relevant schools, institutes and administrative offices, attended the meeting.


Vice President Jiang Ge began by extending a warm welcome to the students. He went on to review the cooperation between ShanghaiTech and UCB & UIUC and he encouraged them to fully communicate with faculty members and students here so as to facilitate exchanges among the universities.


This was followed by introductions from the leaders and directors of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMS), School of Information Science and Technology (SIST), Office of General Services, Office of Student Affairs and the University College. Information about Covid prevention and control, public services, Student Union and club activities was also provided. Finally, the faculty members answered students’ questions in detail. 


After the meeting, the students went to visit the IMS, SIST and School of Creativity and Arts (SCA). In SIST, they learned about the research direction and development history of the school. In IMS, they were given a tour around the institute's study room, library and other learning facilities. In SCA, relevant faculty members introduced them to the Artificial Intelligence and Digital Art Lab (AIDA), the Center for Adaptive System Engineering (CASE), and the Multi-disciplinary Artificial Reality Studio (MARS).


On the afternoon of March 11, Prof. Wang Shouzhi, Vice Dean of SCA, warmly welcomed four Master of Design visiting students from UCB. He talked about the similarities and differences in the training of design students at home and abroad and answered the students' questions on courses and career development.


Through their participation in the welcome and get-together activities, the visiting students have gained a comprehensive understanding of the student cultivation and campus resources of ShanghaiTech. We wish all of the students a memorable and fruitful stay at ShanghaiTech.

VP Jiang Ge delivering a welcome speech

Meeting Venue

Visiting IMS

Visiting SIST 

Visiting AIDA


Visiting MARS


Prof. Wang Shouzhi, Vice Dean of SCA receiving the visiting students