2020 Labor Day Holiday Notice

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To all,

The university calendar of Labor Day Holiday is as follows:


1. 2020 Labor Day Holiday will be from May 1 (Friday) to May 5 (Tuesday). April 26 (Sunday) and May 9 (Saturday) are working days. Due to the current situation, faculty and staff should not leave Shanghai during the Labor Day Holiday in principle.


2. Due to holiday schedule, classes on April 26 (Sunday) will run as the timetable of Monday of the 10th week. Classes on May 9 (Saturday) will run as the timetable of Tuesday of the 10th week.


3. All Dining halls will remain open during holiday except faculty restaurant. 


4. The university clinic will be open during working hours, with two medical staff on duty. 


5. The property maintenance number is 20685112.


6. Library hours during the break are from 09:00-21:00 (phone number: 20685191). Email:  library@shanghaitech.edu.cn.


IT maintenance service hours are from 08:00-17:00 (24-hour on-call number: 20685566). Email: it-support@shanghaitech.edu.cn.


7. Please be vigilant regarding safety issues and check your belongings and work area before the break begins.


8. In order to ensure safety during the break, university staff will be on duty from 08:00-17:00 in the Administration Center. For emergencies please contact: University Office at 20685160 (fax number: 20685052).


University Office