ShanghaiTech Alumni Fight Against COVID-19

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The COVID-19 has been spreading to most part of the world since the end of 2019.  ShanghaiTech University alumni are took quick actions to fight against the outbreak. Let ’s take a look at the epidemic-fighting stories of our Alumni.


Voices of encouragement from overseas alumni

At this difficulty time, our alumni working and studying in all parts of the world are thinking about members of their alma mater. They recorded heart-warming videos to express their support and encouragement. Click here to watch the video from the Alumni Associations in Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Beijing, Wuhan and Guangdong.


Donation of supplies from alumni of UPenn

At the beginning of the outbreak of COVID-19, when learning that protective supplies were extremely scarce, five alumni who are now studying at the University of Pennsylvania voluntarily formed a procurement team. They purchased 169 thermometers and sent them to ShanghaiTech. All thermometers arrived on March 6 and were distributed to students who stayed on campus.


Alumni: Zhou Zean, Li Dinghong, Hu Haizhen, Yang Dan, and Li Yike (pictures from left to right) 


Researchers working tirelessly on COVID-19 specific drugs research

Shortly after obtaining the sequence of COVID-19 in January, a special research team was immediately formed by Academician Rao Zihe and Dr. Yang Haitao from SIAIS. 

Within two months, the research team successfully analyzed the high-resolution crystal structure of 3CL hydrolase and the three-dimensional fine structure of RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, both key drug targets of COVID-19, which providing the structural basis and ideas for the scientific research and clinical diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19. These results are in the lead among the research on the coronavirus currently conducted in the world. 

“I always keep in mind the responsibilities of a scientific researcher. Although I cannot fight in the front line, I can contribute by participating in the research on COVID-19”, said Zhang Bing, Associate Researcher at SIAIS, a member of the research team and an alumnus of ShanghaiTech.



Researchers at the forefront of scientific research (1st from left is Zhang Bing)


Donation from a startup established by alumni

Zhong Sheng, a graduate from SIST, is one of the co-founder of ShenZhen TaiLai Biosciences, a cancer screening company.

On February 27, TaiLai received a support request from Xiaogan, Hubei. Zhong Sheng and his company donated materials worth more than 4 million to the epicenter, including 1 thermometer, 5 CT AI diagnostic equipment, 10 home intelligent detection equipment, 10 reduced ion meters.

With more and more medical staff coming back from epidemic area, TaiLai promised to provide free lung tumor screening in the next three years for all COVID-19 patients and medical staff to help them detect early risk of tumors.