“Cloud Rehearsal” by ShanghaiTech Orchestra

ON2020-04-02TAG: ShanghaiTech UniversityCATEGORY: Campus Life photo albums

Currently, the epidemic prevention in China is in a critical period and our students still cannot return to the campus. However, the epidemic cannot reduce students’ enthusiasm for rehearsal. Students from ShanghaiTech orchestra think out "cloud rehearsal" to continue their practice. This will bring you a different audiovisual experience, check out the video below.


If Spring semester of 2019 academic year starts as originally planned, the orchestra should have already conducted four rehearsals on campus. Now, orchestra members voted online to choose a classic track, “Por una Cabeza”, for its first “cloud rehearsal”. After getting familiar with the music, all the students started the recording session by listening to corresponding standard audio with headphones, and imagining that they were sitting in the rehearsal room and playing with everyone.

The post-production team started the editing work when rehearsal finished and they will give birth to the orchestra’s first “cloud rehearsal”video.