Encouraging students to find their own path.
Cultivating curiousity.
Fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration.
A vibrant campus life with more than 60 student clubs.
Creating community among faculty and students.

Campus Life

With more than 60 clubs and societies, ShanghaiTech’s energetic student body of China is actively involved in shaping ShanghaiTech’s campus culture. ShanghaiTech students and faculty from 15 countries play an important role in ShanghaiTech’s development as a vibrant academic community. Students can bring their concerns directly to school leadership who value their participation and perspective. The vibrant atmosphere of ShanghaiTech’s campus life can be felt in the campus’ athletic center, five dining halls, student center, library and dormitories. With daily lectures, recreational sports and regular activities, ShanghaiTech provides a well-rounded and stimulating education for its 1200 undergrads and 1500 graduate and PhD students. 

Residential Mentor Groups

Undergraduates are part of small mentor groups, and each group of five to seven students is paired with a fulltime professor and two CAS adjunct professors who live in student dormitories on a rotating basis, lead interesting seminars, provide academic guidance and personal support.

ShanghaiTech’s three undergraduate dorms and seven graduate/PhD dorms are comfortable and designed to encourage interaction. Undergrads live three to a room, while graduate students live two to a room. Each dorm has a cozy hang-out space, washing machines and showering facilities. 

Summer Programs

All ShanghaiTech undergraduate students participate in summer programs to open their eyes to the world around them. First- and second-year students travel to remote parts of China to take part in social engagement projects working on poverty reduction. Teams of students and professors work together on projects on topics like traditional culture, environment and energy, urbanization, technological innovation, and educational development. In 2017, several teams won awards for their work in Yunnan, Jiangxi, Guizhou, and Shaanxi Provinces. 

Third-year students participate in summer industry engagement programs, visiting companies and hi-tech parks to learn about business trends and explore career opportunities. In 2017, ShanghaiTech student teams completed industry research projects at more than 70 domestic and multi-national companies.