On November 17, Zhou Xingtao, President of Eye & ENT Hospital of Fudan University and his colleagues visited ShanghaiTech University. Jiang Ge, Vice President of ShanghaiTech and Zhu Chouwen, Director of Shanghai Clinical Research and Trial Center (SCRTC), attended the discussion. 


Wang Haopeng, Assistant Dean of SLST presided over the symposium. More than ten experts and scholars from both sides introduced their academic background and research progress, and expressed their intention to cooperate to achieve complementary advantages.


Zhu Chouwen extended a warm welcome to the hospital leaders and experts. He described the rich scientific research resources that ShanghaiTech University enjoys such as the Collaborative Innovation Platform for Clinical Research and Translational Medicine, and SIAIS, which can continuously support hospitals in clinical study. At the same time, the establishment of SCRTC has ensured a more comprehensive sharing platform where the two sides can boost multiple collaborations among doctors and scientists. It will promote the convergence of clinical needs and fundamental research, as well as efficient transfer of results. He expected the exchanges among scholars to bear fruitful achievements.

Director Zhu Chouwen introducing Shanghai Clinical Research and Trial Center


Jiang Ge then introduced the scientific research and innovation work of ShanghaiTech, focusing on the achievements in the fields of life science and medicine. He pointed out that ShanghaiTech has a long-term strategic plan for the development of SLST, SIAIS and SCRTC, and has carried out extensive, in-depth exchanges with hospitals and enterprises, aiming to utilize research results to benefit people. He emphasized that the establishment of SCRTC will further strengthen the cooperation between ShanghaiTech and Eye & ENT Hospital of Fudan University in R&D, personnel training, and achievement transfer. Finally, he thanked the clinical experts from the hospital for their active participation and looked forward to initiating broader and deeper bilateral cooperation.


Jiang Ge introducing ShanghaiTech University


Zhou Xingtao expressed thanks for the warm reception of ShanghaiTech. He hoped that the two sides could complement each other's resources to realize win-win cooperation, and to encourage experts to have in-depth exchanges and make greater breakthroughs. 


Later, Zhou Xingtao and other delegates visited the ShanghaiTech Collaborative Innovation Platform for Clinical Research and Translational Medicine, and the exhibition hall of scientific research achievements of SIAIS and iHuman.


Group photo of symposium attendants