[IMS Seminar] Cohomological and motivic aspects of compactified Jacobian fibrations

ON2024-05-14TAG: ShanghaiTech UniversityCATEGORY: Lecture

Topic: Cohomological and motivic aspects of compactified Jacobian fibrations

Speaker: Associate Professor Yin Qizheng, Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research, Peking University (PKU)

Date and time: May 15, 16:00–17:00

Venue: Room S408, SCA

Host: Zhang Ziyu


Beauville showed using Fourier transforms that the Chow ring/motive of an abelian variety admits a natural, multiplicative decomposition. I will explain how Beauville’s theory can be extended to certain abelian fibrations with singular fibers. Several cohomological/cycle-theoretic consequences can be derived from this extension, including the P=W conjecture and the Corti-Hanamura motivic decomposition conjecture for the Hitchin fibration. Joint work with Davesh Maulik and Shen Junliang.