[SPST Seminar] Checkerboard CFT

ON2024-03-26TAG: ShanghaiTech UniversityCATEGORY: Lecture

Topic: Checkerboard CFT

Speaker: Associate Professor Mikhail Alfimov, Faculty of Mathematics, Higher School of Economics (HSE), Moscow

Date and time: 13:00, March 28

Venue: Room 103, #5 Building of SPST

Host: Alexandar Ochirov


The  Checkerboard conformal field theory is an interesting representative of  a large class of non-unitary, logarithmic Fishnet CFTs (FCFT) in  arbitrary dimension which have been intensively studied in the last  years. Its planar Feynman graphs have the structure of a regular square  lattice with checkerboard colouring. Such graphs are integrable since  each colored cell of the lattice is equal to an R-matrix in the  principal series representations of the conformal group. We compute  perturbatively and numerically the anomalous dimension of the shortest  single-trace operator in two reductions of the Checkerboard CFT: the  first one corresponds to the fishnet limit of the twisted ABJM theory in  3D, whereas the spectrum in the second, 2D reduction contains the  energy of the BFKL Pomeron. We derive an analytic expression for the  Checkerboard analogues of Basso-Dixon 4-point functions, as well as for  the class of Diamond-type 4-point graphs with disc topology. The  properties of the latter are studied in terms of OPE for operators with  open indices. We prove that the spectrum of the theory receives  corrections only at even orders in the loop expansion and we conjecture  such a modification of Checkerboard CFT where quantum corrections occur  only with a given periodicity in the loop order.


Dr.  Mikhail Alfimov received M.Sc. from Moscow Institute of Physics and  Technology and Ph.D. from École Normale Supérieure, France. He is  currently an associate professor at Higher School of Economics, Moscow.  Dr. Alfimov’s research interest lies in various aspects of theroretical  high energy physics like Conformal Field Theory, Integrability, BKFL  Physics etc. More details about Dr. Alfimov can be found in the  following link: https://www.hse.ru/en/org/persons/190933667.