[BME Seminar] Mapping brain anatomy and networks at single cell resolution

ON2022-11-09TAG: ShanghaiTech UniversityCATEGORY: Lecture

Speaker: Dr. PENG Hanchuan, Fellow, IEEE, AIMBE, AAIA; Executive & Founding Director, Institute for Brain and Intelligence (BrainTell), Southeast University (SEU); Executive Director, SEU - Allen Institute Joint Center

Date and time: 20:00-21:30, November 10

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Bilibili link: https://live.bilibili.com/23158680


In several cutting-edge neuroscience initiatives, it is highly desired to acquire data of single neurons at multiple spatial and structural levels and at the same time to map them to a standard atlas. In this talk he will discuss a few of our recent efforts to map brain anatomy and networks at the single neuron/cell resolution. Particularly, we developed an open cloud computing platform to manage and analyze petabyte-scale multi-dimensional imaging data, at different spatial scales and from multiple imaging and data-interaction modalities. The platform features a whole repertoire of tools including cloud-based data serving, multi-clients synergetic computing, mobile and desktop applications, supercomputing, immersive headsets and web interfaces, streamlined high-throughput production pipeline, and interactive data mining. Using the platform, Peng's team have started to accumulate and analyze some of the largest imaging datasets in the field, and generated new observations of the single-neuron level diversity of the brain anatomy, cell types, and neuronal networks.