[SIST Distinguished Lecture] Three-dimensional quantitative OptoAcoustic Tomography in preclinical and clinical research

ON2022-01-13TAG: ShanghaiTech UniversityCATEGORY: Lecture

Speaker:      Alexander A. Oraevsky, TomoWave Laboratories
Time:           10:00-11:00  Jan.14.2022

Host:            Fei Gao


Zoom:    https://zoom.us/j/97173267316?pwd=QjB1ZzNTZnFNY2RWQUZoWEpPc2Fpdz09      

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The main clinical merit of three-dimensional (3D) optoacoustic tomography (OAT) is its potential capability to provide quantitative volumetric maps of the optical absorption coefficient, which can be converted into either functional images of the total hemoglobin [tHb] and blood oxygen saturation [sO2] or molecular images of chromophore concentrations. We present the main technological design principles that enable quantitative optoacoustic tomography system for in vivo applications in preclinical and clinical research.  Examples of full view three dimensional anatomical, functional and molecular images will be presented. In our study, we acquired in vivo optoacoustic signals of the mouse at 757nm (Hb) and 1064nm (HbO2+H2O) using ultrawide-band ultrasonic transducers, and reconstructed tomographic images incorporating transducer impulse response.  Based on experience with preclinical imaging system designed for research in mouse models we designed a clinical system for diagnostic imaging of breast cancer.  The same qOAT method has been applied to the 3D optoacoustic images of the breast to reveal deep vascular structures with quantitatively accurate blood oxygen saturation and a cancerous breast tumor.  


Dr. Alexander A. Oraevsky is an inventor and referred to as the Father of biomedical optoacoustic imaging. Alexander received his initial training in physics and mathematics from the Moscow Physical and Engineering Institute (National Nuclear Research University) in Moscow, Russia and obtained a doctorate in laser spectroscopy and laser biophysics from the USSR Academy of Sciences. In 1998 he founded LaserSonix Technologies, the first business dedicated to optoacoustic imaging, assets of which were acquired by Seno Medical Instruments in 2006. In January 2021, the first optoacoustic imaging system designed by Dr. Oraevsky received FDA approval in the USA and CE Medical Mark in Europe. In 1999 he founded a conference dedicated to biomedical optoacoustics under auspices of SPIE Photonics West Symposium. Titled “Photons plus Ultrasound: Imaging and Sensing” it is now the largest conference within Photonics West Symposium with ~250 papers presented annually.