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University Mission: Founded in 2013, ShanghaiTech is a young, resource-rich university with a modern campus in the heart of Shanghai Pudong’s Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park. With the backing and support of Shanghai Municipal Government and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, we are committed to tackling the challenges that China and the world are facing in the fields of energy, materials, environment, human health, biological medical engineering, data science, AI and electrical engineering.


Academics: ShanghaiTech promotes a student-centered educational approach, encouraging cross-disciplinary research to nurture the next generation of China’s leading scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs. Fresh undergradute students enter one of four schools (School of Physical Science and Technology, School of Life Science and Technology, School of Information Science and Technology, School of Entrepreneurship and Management, along with Institute of Mathematical Sciences) and take supplementary courses in School of Entrepreneurship and Management and School of Creativity and Art as a must. Four institutes (Shanghai Institute of Advanced Immunochemical Studies, iHuman Institute, Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Institute of Humanities) support graduate and undergraduate research. 50% of ShanghaiTech 2nd and 3rd year students participate in lab research. ShanghaiTech promotes strong faculty-student collaboration with a 1:10 faculty-student ratio.


Student Body: Currently there are 1545 undergraduate students and 2182 graduate students with a male: female ratio of 3:1. In 2019 ShanghaiTech enrolled 398 undergraduates from 17 provinces or municipalities. 270 undergradute students of Class 2019 graduated from three major schools. 104 chose to continue further study overseas, 99 entered domestic graduate schools, and 60 chose to start their careers.


Faculty: ShanghaiTech’s innovative university-wide tenure-track system attracts talented faculty with a wealth of experience from around the world. 17% are foreign nationals and almost 80% of the faculty earned their PhD abroad. 240 are tenured or tenure-track (and 28 more have accepted offers), while another 287 are adjunct professors. Our faculty includes four Nobel Prize laureates, 32 members of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 3 are members of Chinese Academy Engineering, 9 are National Academy of Sciences members, 6 are American Language and Academy of Sciences, and 3 are members of the Royal Society (UK).   


Research: ShanghaiTech is an interdisciplinary research-focused institution with 268 research groups. In 2019 professors and students published 4541 research papers released in Nature, Cell, Science and other academic journals and conferences. To date, 337 patents and 74 PCT applications have been applied for. 


Campus Life: 69 student clubs engage students in science, art, culture, sports and community service. Several clubs have earned regional and international awards and honors, including Geek Pie, which won more than ten awards in 2018, including gold medal in KONE Hackpic Game and silver in the ASC World Supercomputer Contest. The women’s varsity basketball team won second place in 3-on-3 match at the 16th Shanghai Games.


Summer Programs: Every ShanghaiTech student participates in Social Engagement and Industry Engagement Programs during the summers before their sophomore and junior years. These programs introduce students to issues of societal or historical importance or industry trends and allow students to practice and develop their skills and prepare for their post-university careers. ShanghaiTech students also use their summers for university exchange programs at partner universities such as UC Berkeley, Cornell, University of Chicago and Padova University (Italy).


Post-Graduation Plans: 76% of ShanghaiTech’s Class of 2019 undergraduates continued their studies. 51% of these students chose to study overseas, and 38% were accepted into universities ranked world’s top 30 by US News and World Report. 99 students continued their studies at top Chinese universities, while 60 entered the workplace at top multi-national companies. Of the 141 Master’s Degree graduates in 2019, 124 went into the workforce, while 4 continued their studies in China and 9 accepted offers to continue their studies abroad. Of the 70 PhD graduates in 2019, 46 entered the workforce, 6 continued a post-doc in China and 18 continued a post-doc overseas.