Welcome to attend 2024 ShanghaiTech BME Symposium for Young Investigators

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ShanghaiTech BME Symposium for Young Investigators is hosted by the School of Biomedical Engineering at ShanghaiTech University in Shanghai, China. The symposium aims to provide an academic exchange platform for outstanding young investigators both domestically and internationally, to promote in-depth communication on cutting-edge BME research, recent scientific breakthroughs, as well as prospects of technological translation. ShanghaiTech BME looks forward to working with outstanding young scholars to build up a world-class BME school.

Form: Hybrid (onsite & online)

Time: July, 2024

Venue: BME Building, ShanghaiTech


Candidates must hold a PhD degree, and those who have at least three years of post-doctoral or relevant research experience in world-class universities or research institutions are preferred.

Candidates from all sub-areas of Biomedical Engineering shall be considered. Our recruitment focuses on, but is not limited to, the following areas:

1. Medical imaging

CT, MRI, optical imaging, PET, radiotherapy, ultrasound imaging, etc.

2. Intelligent medicine

Artificial intelligence, brain sciences and brain diseases, medical big data, medical metaverse, etc.

3. Smart biomedical devices

Medical robotics, rehabilitation equipment, wearable devices, etc.


All applicants should submit the following materials to liangchy@shanghaitech.edu.cn by June 15, 2024 (please indicate the ‘Symposium for Young Investigators’ in the subject field):

  • A Curriculum Vitae

  • A cover letter

  • A research plan (optional)

  • Three most representative publications

Official invitation letters will be sent out to promising candidates via email as soon as possible.

We will arrange accommodation and transportation for the on-site participants during the forum (see the invitation letter for details).

Introduction of the School of Biomedical Engineering

The School of Biomedical Engineering at ShanghaiTech University targets world-class biomedical engineering research and education. We are dedicated to establishing the highest-quality team of faculty with professionalism, vision, energy, and potential. We will create excellent platforms, enabling students with expertise in cross-talks of engineering and medicine. We will also build research teams focused on innovative and inspirational academic research. By engaging with worldwide cooperation, the School of Biomedical Engineering is determined to become a world-renowned research hub. Meanwhile, we will create new services to help establish connections between academic research and industrial/clinical application, such that our efforts will eventually contribute to the community, the city of Shanghai, our country, and mankind.