2012 Frontiers of Information Science and Technology (FIST) Workshop in Shanghai

Date: December 10-12, 2012


Location: China Executive Leadership Academy, Shanghai, China


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Workshop Objectives

The newly inaugurated Shanghai Tech and its School of Information Science and Technology will host a workshop to explore the future frontiers of information science and technology. The objectives are

          To present fresh perspectives on the future of information science and technology (IST);

          To define future IST research directions in general, and for Shanghai Tech in particular;

          To promote a unique collaborative opportunity at Shanghai Tech on IST research.

The organizers and Shanghai Tech wish to invite world-class experts and future stars in key areas of information science and technology to congregate in Shanghai for a four-day workshop.  In hosting this international workshop, Shanghai Tech seeks to gather a broad perspective on the future development and critical areas for research and education in information science and technology.