SIST Assistant Professor Laurent Kneip Honored for Computer Vision Work
Author:School of Information Science and Technology            Date:2017-11-14            Browse:936
At the biannual International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), perhaps the most prestigious conference in computer vision, ShanghaiTech’s SIST had a strong presence. SIST presented six papers on exciting state-of-the-art contributions on light field imagery, fundamental geometry, and artificial intelligence problems such as object and anomaly detection, or visual question answering.

SIST Professor Laurent Kneip, was awarded honorable mention for the Marr Prize. The Marr Prize is the most prestigious best paper award in the computer vision community, and only a handful of papers are being considered once every two years.

Computer vision is a field that has experienced rapid growth and many success stories over the past couple of years. Despite SIST’s young age, these fine achievements demonstrate it is growing into one of the strongest computer vision research groups in China, competing at the highest level world-wide.