Campus Takes on a New Look
Author:Office of International Affairs            Date:2016-02-24            Browse:729

The spring semester started on Lantern Festival and a host of new facilities in the new campus were put into use.

Undergraduates are taking General Chemistry, Introduction to Information Science and Technology and some other courses in the teaching building.

Faculties and students are having lunch at No.2 Canteen.

Students are bodybuilding in the gym during a break.

The new facilities and services have been well-received and further improvements will be made to meet the needs of faculties and students.

The construction of ShanghaiTech’s new campus was initiated in June, 2013 and undergraduate dormitories were completed in August, 2014 to accommodate the first batch of undergraduates. Graduate dormitories were finished in August, 2015 and all graduate students now live in the new campus. In addition to the teaching buildings, dining halls and the gym, a table tennis court and a badminton court will open to the public on February 29th and other facilities will be gradually put into use.