Professor Yang Peidong Wins World Outstanding Chinese Award
Author:Office of International Affairs            Date:2015-09-24            Browse:720

At the 14th World Outstanding Chinese Award Ceremony held in Hong Kong on September 23rd, 25 distinguished representatives in fields of science and technology, culture, education and business were honored, including Yuan Longping, known as Father of Hybrid Rice and Ouyang Ziyuan, Chief Scientist of China’s lunar probe program. Yang Peidong, Founding Dean of ShanghaiTech University’s School of Physical Science and Technology and Professor of UC Berkeley’s departments of Chemistry and Materials Science and Engineering said he was very honored to be selected as a recipient.


Yang said in recent decades that with the increase in R&D spending, China has achieved great success in science and technology such as manned space flight, lunar probing, manned deep-sea submersible, super computer and high-speed rail. He was fully convinced that China would play an increasingly important role in the future.


Founded in 2003 by World Chinese Business Investment Foundation LTD, The World Outstanding Chinese Award is conferred to people of Chinese descent who have made significant contributions to the advancement of society and nations. Nobel Laureate in Physics Li Zhengdao and actor Andy Lau were the last winners of the award.


During a ceremony at the Department of Energy in Washington, D.C this year, Professor Yang Peidong received the 2014 Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award. The award honors mid-career scientists and engineers who have advanced new research and scientific discovery. Professor Yang was honored for “discoveries advancing synthesis and understanding of nanoscale materials, and for developing novel semiconductor nanowires and metal nanocrystals impacting applications and devices.”