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Research Fellow Position at Prof. Tian Chi’s research group, SLST, ShanghaiTech University
Author: SLST            Date: 2017-06-29            Browse: 287
ShanghaiTech is emerging as a small but prominent institution of higher education in China. Professor Tian Chi in the School of Life Science and Technology uses the mouse immune system as a model to dissect epignenetic mechanisms and to develop mouse genetic tools (http://www.shanghaitech.edu.cn/eng/faculty/slst/people/283.html). In particular, we have found that deleting a chromatin-modifier from Tregs causes fatal autoimmunity (EMBO 2013), but reversing the deletion (via a novel genetic approach; BMC Biology 2012) rescued the dying mice, which has important implications for Treg mediated therapy for IPEX-like diseases. In addition, we have discovered a LncRNA with important immunological functions, and are exploring the mechanisms of action. Finally, we are developing a Cas9-based method for high-throughput genetic screening in living mice, which would be a dream come true for mouse geneticists. 

If you are passionate, dynamic, responsible and careful, we cordially invite you to join our team as Research Associate Professor, Research Assistant Professor or Postdoc, depending on your qualifications. Briefly, the first two job titles require a PhD degree along with > 2 years of postdoc training with significant publications, while the second title requires a PhD degree with reasonable publications.  Expertise in mouse experiments/immunology is a plus. 

Highly competitive salaries and compensations will be offered. Please submit your application to slst@shanghaitech.edu.cn, cc to chitian@shanghaiTech.edu.cn.

Positions remain open till filled. 

Contact person, Tian Chi, PhD., chitian@shanghaiTech.edu.cn