Xiaoyu Zhou    Assistant Professor、PI
Institute School of Entrepreneurship and Management
Research Area Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Growth Strategy of SMEs; International Business (Emerging Markets)
Contact Info. zhouxy@@shanghaitech.edu.cn
Assistant Professor、PI in Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management, ShanghaiTech University, 2014- B.A. in Business Administration, Sun Yat-sen University, 2009 Ph.D. in Enterprise Management, Peking University, 2014
  Research Interests  
Dr. Xiaoyu Zhou is interested in how institutions and market environment affect the corporation and individuals’ innovation and entrepreneurship. He has been working on these projects: (1) Corporate social responsibility strategies of Chinese listed firms; (2) The mechanism of academic entrepreneurship in China; (3) Field experiments for studying how macro-level factors influence human behaviors.
  Selected Publications  
1. Zhang, Y., X. Zhou, and W. Lei, “Social Capital and its Contingent Value in Poverty Reduction: Evidence from Western China”, World Development, in press.

2. 周小宇, 符国群, and 王锐. "关系导向战略与创新导向战略是相互替代还是互为补充——来自中国私营企业的证据." 南开管理评论 19.4 (2016): 13-26.

3. Zhou, X., Y. Han, and R. Wang, “An Empirical Investigation on Firms’ Proactive and Passive Motivation for Bribery,” Journal of Business Ethics, 2013, 118(3): 461-472.

Working papers:

1. “The Variation of Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies of Public Firms in China” (with Y. Zhang, H. Wang, and M. Lyles)
a) Strategic Management Society Annual Conference 2016, Berlin, Germany;
b) INFORMS Marketing Science Conference 2016, Shanghai, China;
c) American Marketing Association 2016 Winter Marketing Educators’ Conference, Las Vegas, USA.
* Best Paper Winner for International Conference of Asian Marketing Associations

2. “Anomalies in the Iron Cage: Network Contagion in Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies”;

3. “Does Adding a Diversity Character Help, Hurt or Have no Influence on Movie Performance? Evidence from Lab and Field”.