SIST Seminar - AI-powered Information Creation,Distribution and Interaction
Author:School of Information Science and Technology            Date:2017-05-10            Browse:551

Topic:AI-powered Information Creation,Distribution and Interaction


Location:Auditorium,SIST building

Speaker:Wei-Ying Ma

Benefited by the advancement of machine learning and big data through the digitization of the world, we are being presented an exciting opportunity to create a new platform for information creation, distribution and interaction that are fully powered by artificial intelligence (AI). We believe that AI will fundamentally change the way people connect with information, and we can use AI to improve the experience and efficiency in the entire process of content creation, dissemination, consumption, social sharing and interaction. By closing human feedback loop in this entire process, we can also enable human and AI collaborative learning to continuously evolve and advance AI algorithms. Based on this vision, Toutiao was started 5 years ago and it has developed many new technologies and innovations that intelligently connect people and information through personalized recommendation. As of Feb 2017, we have 100M daily active users and their average time use is 76 minutes per day. Our aspiration has also led us to establish a research lab recently to further advance the state-of-the-art in AI. In this talk, I will introduce our company’s vision and history, AI Lab’s mission, research projects and some recent research results. oday’s Internet has evolved into an ecosystem of around 50,000 autonomous systems (ASs) and commercial Internet service providers (ISPs). Driven by bandwidth-intensive video applications and pervasive access via mobile devices, Internet inter-domain traffic is expected to grow more than 100% per annum. To sustain such rapid traffic growth, ISPs need to upgrade infrastructures and expand capacities; however, their revenues and capitalizations have stagnated as investors weigh high capital requirements against continued profit margin pressure. In this talk, we will discuss various service differentiation strategies used by ISPs, analyze their impacts on the entire Internet ecosystem, and derive policy implications for the industry.