Forging Ahead with High Aspirations-ShanghaiTech Holds Opening Ceremony for Incoming Students
Author:Office of International Affairs             Date:2017-09-21            Browse:471

On September 15th, ShanghaiTech held an opening ceremony to welcome 355 incoming undergraduate students, 456 incoming master’s degree students and 200 incoming PhD students. The ceremony was attended by representatives from institutes affiliated to Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), ShanghaiTech faculty and students.

A video presentation showed ShanghaiTech’s first four years of achievements which made everyone feel pride in their university. In a ShanghaiTech tradition, the deans of each school announced each incoming student’s name and shared their self-introductions onscreen. The School Physical Science and Technology (SPST), represented by Associate Dean Liu Zhi and Professor Zong Jiaguang; the School of Life Science and Technology (SLST), represented by Founding Dean Lin Haifan and Executive Dean Wu Jiarui; and the School of Information Science and Technology (SIST), represented by Associate Dean Zhou Yu and Professor Ha Yajun each welcomed undergraduates and graduates of their schools.

Peng Zechuan spoke on behalf of the undergraduates and encouraged students to persist in following their dreams and strive for excellence. Chen Jiangrui, representative of graduate students, called on students to combine their personal development with contributing to national strategies.

SIST Assistant Professor Kou Xufeng’s speech was a guide to college life in ShanghaiTech for new students. Quoting the ancient Chinese idiom “accumulate richly and break forth vastly”, he advised students to do what they like and at the same time like what they do. CAS Academician Zhang Xu, on behalf of distinguished professors-in-residence, shared his own experience and professional insights. He stressed that everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn. ShanghaiTech students should learn from everyone and never feel embarrassed to ask questions.

"From now, ShanghaiTech has students of every year which can be regarded as a milestone of university development,” announced Zhu Zhiyuan, Chairman of the University Council. He urged students to contribute to social progress with high aspirations and mandated faculty to impart knowledge and provide advice and support for students’ mental health as well.

President Jiang Mianheng discussed cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial talents in response to national needs. He gave an earnest and sincere talk about the current state of China and the corresponding challenges and opportunities ShanghaiTech faces. 40 years of reform and opening up has seen a vast improvement in social productivity and living standards, which has led to desires for a better education system, environment and medical system. Jiang stressed that ShanghaiTech’s vision is in line with the Chinese dream. He called on students to work hard to show their deep  love for their nation.


After his speech, President Jiang announced the beginning of 2017-2018 semester and students were eager to enjoy their campus life in ShanghaiTech.