International Visiting Student Guide
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        ShanghaiTech provides opportunities for undergraduate students and graduate students from universities or research institutions abroad to do research in the labs of our faculty members.  The visit can last for several weeks in summer or up to one academic year.  International visiting students will work closely with the faculty members and fellow Chinese students, in the meanwhile, enjoy the colorful city life in Shanghai.


We accept two types of international visiting students:

·         Faculty invited visiting students

If your professor have academic cooperation with a ShanghaiTech faculty member and both of them agree to send you here to do research for a certain period of time, the invitation should be initiated by our faculty, who will be your host and advisor during your stay. Your application will be processed by the corresponding school administration.

·         Visiting students from partner institutions

ShanghaiTech invites outstanding students from partner institutions under the university level Memorandum of Understanding. In this case, the invitation will be initiated by Office of International Affairs. Visiting students will be assigned to the labs of our faculty depending based on the requirements of each partnership program. Your application will be processed by Office of International Affairs, while our faculty member is still your academic advisor.



Visiting students are not required to pay tuition for doing research in the lab. Faculty invited visiting students have to be prepared to cover travel and living expense by your own. Funding for visiting students from partner institutions varies according to corresponding programs.

Application Process

ü  Please fill out the Application Form for international visiting students , and send it back to the school coordinator in the corresponding school (for visiting students invited by faculty) or the university coordinator in Office of International Affairs (for visiting students from partner institution: UChicago).

ü  After receiving the application form, the coordinator will send you acceptance letter and JW202 form (for applying for X1 visa) required before applying for visa to China.

ü  Application fee for the program is waived for all the applicants, however, you still have to pay the application fee for Visa.

ü  The following documents may also be required if necessary:

Recommendation letter from the advisor of home university

Recommendation letter from program coordinator of home university


Copy of Passport

Copy of accidental and health insurance that covers your stay in China (if available)

Pre-arrival Logistics

Entry Visa 

You need a valid visa to enter China. Chinese government gives X1 visa for students staying in China for over 180 days and X2 visa for students staying in China for less than 180 days. You will receive acceptance letter for applying for X2 visa, and acceptance letter and visa application form (JW202 form) for applying for X1 visa. Please check the website of the local embassy or consulate to make sure that you have all required document for visa application. You are strongly advised to leave enough time for visa application.

Make sure you have the following items prepared before going to the local Embassy or Consulate:

ü  Valid regular passport

ü  Acceptance letter

ü  Visa Application Form (JW202 Form)

ü  Physical Examination Report (if required)

When you receive the visa, please make sure that the embassy or consulate returns the admission notice and the yellow page of JW202 form to you. These are important documents which you will need when deal with your visa problems in China.  For Visa, you can find out more details on official website



During your stay in China, you are required to be covered by valid commercial insurance according to the government regulations.  Please consult with local travel agency or insurance dealer about the specific travel insurance to purchase.  The least requirement of insurance coverage according to the regulation is:

ü  Liability for Death + Accidental Disability: no less than 30,000 USD.

ü  Medical Insurance against Personal Accident: no less than 1,500 USD

ü  Hospitalization Medical Insurance: no less than 6,000 USD

Cost of Living

The cost of attendance to ShanghaiTech University for a month is estimated to be 3,000CNY, about 434USD, which includes the cost for housing, meal, and personal expenses.



Estimated Cost in CNY/Month

Estimated Cost in USD/Month







Personal Expense









?  Airplane

Visiting students are expected to arrive into Pudong International Airport (PVG) or Hongqiao International Airport (SHA) in Shanghai before the date that you are required to.

?  Metro

Both of the airports have Metro stations to connect with. However, the closest station is still far from the campus. We would recommend you to take taxi if you are carrying luggage.

?  Taxi:

From Pudong International Airport By taxi: about 25 minutes; around CNY 90

From Hongqiao Airport By taxi: about 40 minutes; around CNY 140.

Please show the taxi driver the following address:

In Chinese:


In English:

ShanghaiTech University, 393 HuaXia Middle Road, Pudong



ShanghaiTech University provides on campus housing for all visiting students. Our new student dormitory is furnished and air-conditioned, with individual bathroom in each room. There are standard rooms and public space in each building for extracurricular activities, discussion, relaxation and social. Usually 2-4 students share a dorm. Since our campus is quite compact, the gym and cafeteria are both in walking distance and open to visiting students for free. The monthly cost for accommodation is 120CNY, about 18USD.

?  Room Assignment

Visiting students are assigned to live in University Dormitory. The coordinator will be in touch with the students prior to arrival with housing assignments. Rooms will be assigned randomly. Students will learn more about their room assignments upon arrival.

?  Room Furnishings

The University Dormitory provides each student with a desk, a chair, a bureau, and a bed (size: 1m x 2m).

?  Laundry

The University Dormitory provides laundry room in each building.

?  Linens

University Dormitory will not provide visiting students with linens, students will have the opportunity to shop for supplies and materials after arrival.


Network Services

All on-campus residences are prewired for telephone, high-speed wired (Ethernet) and wireless data communications. The room includes a telephone line in each suite, as well as wired and wireless Network access for each resident. A personal laptop/smartphone can easily be logged on to the wireless network in the students room, so internet access is available at all times while on campus. All these services are administered by the Information Technology Services Network Services Department.

Dining Services

Currently, there are three dining hall in the new campus. You can recharge your student card in the Campus Service Center. Please note there is no service during weekend.

?  First floor: Common meals and Muslim foods

?  Second floor: Teppanyaki, Korean foods, Rice noodles, etc.

Hours of Operation:

?  Breakfast: 7:00-9:00

?  Lunch: 11:00-13:00

?  Dinner: 17:00-19:00

Computer Facilities

ShanghaiTech University provides computing facilities in the library. These computing facilities offer convenient places to access email and the Internet. They also have special hardware and software (such as color laser printers, scanners, and digital imaging software).


Post Office Boxes

There is a campus post office in ShanghaiTech University, which is located under the grandstand of the athletic track, where you can get regular mail, parcel and express mail. To send a regular letter or parcel back home, you have to go to the China Post Office at 476 Chun Xiao Road in Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park. To receive mails, your mailing address should be put like this:

Receiver’s name

Receiver’s School/Research Institute

Room XX, Students’ dormitory No.XX

ShanghaiTech University

393 Middle Huaxia Road, Pudong, Shanghai

201210, China

Personal Property Insurance

The University urges all students to obtain personal property insurance to protect against loss of or damage to their belongings. As the Undergraduate Regulations stipulate, ShanghaiTech assumes no legal responsibility for the safety of personal property on its premises or within its buildings.


Residence Registration

According to the national entry and exit regulation, international students have to do residence registration in the local police station within 24 hours after arrival.  Please bring your passport to the nearest police station within 24 hours. The easiest way to get there is by taxi, around 20CNY.


Sun Qiao Police Station Address: 52, Heng Mian Jiang Road, Zhangjiang Town, Pudong

In Chinese: 孙桥派出所,浦东新区张江镇横沔江路52 T: 58570402


If you hold an X1 visa, you will need to apply for residence permit within 30 days after your entry. You will be contacted by the school or university coordinator for detailed instruction.  More details about residence permit could be found on Official Website.