Days in Berkeley
Author:Office of International Affairs            Date:2016-12-06            Browse:1527

When I first came to Berkeley, I think I fell in love with this peaceful and beautiful city.

Now it is August and summer but the weather in the city is quite cool. In fact, if we want to go out in the morning or at night, a coat or jacket is necessary for the weather here is more like typical autumn. 

Although I have been here for more than two weeks, I still cannot get used to cars stopping for pedestrians crossing the road. It surprisess me a lot and also makes me think a lot. 

Sometimes I will stop and admire the beauty of colorful flowers that attract me so much and make me just still for a long time. Also, sometimes these little pine cones hit me and surprise me and make me smile when I walk along the street. And also these lovely squirrels will suddenly appear and show their own sovereignty over the area. Sometimes these little creatures may run close to me and look at me curiously, which comforts me and makes me smile.


I can lie leisurely on a lawn that can be found everywhere in the campus, feeling the soft sunlight. Time passes slowly, and I can waste a whole afternoon here.

The university café is also a wonderful place to go if I have no courses in the afternoon. There I can sit on the wooden bench and let the shadow of leaves land on the book and wave in the breeze. It seems that time passes leisurely and I also feel relaxed. The reader enjoys the soft breeze, absorbed in the wonderful world of her book.

Since I was young, I have had a dream. I want to live in a small peaceful town with a small house. I want to have an old dog sleeping at the gate. I want to have a pond with fish. I want to have a big tree in my yard. I have never thought that this dream could come true. It is like a world in my book, but it is so similar to the life in Berkeley. With surprise and affection, I now know this dream might come true. It seems a good idea to live in here.



                                                                 ---By Su Junyan, School of Physical Science and Technology