My Summer in UC Berkley
Author:Office of International Affairs            Date:2016-12-02            Browse:1468

Ever since the last winter vacation when I took part in the Berkley Summer School project, I have waited for this trip. After 12 hours’ flight, I finally landed at San Francisco airport, the beginning of my trip in the United States. In general, summer school in UC Berkley was really the most fantastic experience I have ever had this summer! During those three weeks, I enjoyed the beautiful scenery, communicated with other foreign students and got a deep understanding of the local culture.

Our dormitory was in a big house with people from many different countries. Our first floor was a public space in which we could play table tennis, play the piano or have meals with each other. What impressed me most was that when my roommate and I had questions about our dormitory, the manager of our dormitory dealt with us patiently until we were satisfied, although it was not during her work time. She came up with many solutions and asked for our opinions which made us feel respected.

The Peace and Conflict Studiesclass I took at UC Berkley really impressed me. There are many levels of conflicts from states to the individuals and we not only learnt about those conflicts but also we learnt methods of mediation to solve these problems. I really appreciated the teaching method of our professor Beth Roy. In the morning, we first talked about headline news. Students could express their ideas freely and I gained a deeper understanding about American political life such as presidential elections and so on. We were encouraged to practice mediation skills, so we had a lot of communications with our classmates from Germany, Turkey, Austria, China or the United States.

Last but not least, I visited many places of interest in my spare time. San Francisco is a port city, so we went to see Fisherman's Wharf where we had tasty food in the Crab House. I visited Stanford University which is quite different style from Berkley. Also, I had fun in Silicon Valley and travelled to Las Vegas.

In the end, my time in the United States flew very fast and summer school at UC Berkley was really worthwhile. I hope I can return in the future.



                                                      ----By Zheng Yi, School of Information Science and Technology