UChicago Summer School
Author:Office of International Affairs            Date:2016-12-01            Browse:1250

Our studying journey at UChicago has been impressive not only because of the amazing course design and professors but also because of the campus and city itself.

The courses I took were intensive English and Introduction to Money & Banking. Intensive English focused on the English words we would need in our future courses for our majors. We also learned about Chicago and UChicago, providing us with a chance to explore different neighborhoods and talk to strangers, and exposed us to many typical American teaching styles. Introduction to Money & Banking was taught by an elegant Japanese professor and mainly dealt with macroeconomics.

The campus style was totally different from ShanghaiTech, mostly modern buildings in the American style made of rock with much decoration. They not only gave a sense of history but made me feel closer to nature because of the ivy-covered walls. There are a great number of clubhouses which look like villas with beautiful gardens and back yards, which we would never see in a Chinese university.

Security guards could be seen every several hundred meters at night to ensure campus safety since the campus is in the south of Chicago near the so-called “ghetto.” We encountered some muggers off the campus who tried to mug us but were lucky enough to meet some kind passers-by who saved us.

To my great surprise, Chicago rather than NYC is the home of skyscrapers. If you take an architecture tour along the Chicago River, you are able to experience the breathtaking views of quite a few skyscrapers along both sides of the river including Willis Tower, which used to be the tallest building in the world before 1 World Trade Center was built. Looking down from the 1000ft-high viewing platform at the top of the Willis Tower was an unforgettable experience. All in all, my three week stay in Chicago was absolutely beneficial and rewarding.

                                                                     ---By Wang Huixin, School of Life Science and Technology