University of Padova Rector Visits ShanghaiTech
Author:Office of International Affairs            Date:2016-05-31            Browse:1463

On May 26, 2016, a delegation led by the rector of University of Padova visited ShanghaiTech and met with President Jiang Mianheng. This was the second visit of Rector Rizzuto to ShanghaiTech. President Jiang Mianheng extended a warm welcome to the guests and Vice President & Provost Yin Jie introduced the new developments of ShanghaiTech. Rector Rizzuto said that ShanghaiTech had become a privileged partner of University of Padova in China, and that he hopes to develop more research and education programs with ShanghaiTech in the near future, such as a joint masters degree program. President Jiang also looks forward to strengthening the ties. University of Padova boasts of long history and rich culture. It will be a great partner for ShanghaiTech in liberal arts and humanities. In return, ShanghaiTech’s social engagement program is open to University of Padova students to join if they wish to know more about China’s historical development. Professor Alessandro Paccagnella, Pro Rector of University of Padova, ShanghaiTech Vice President Gong Jinkang and Vice President Lu Xionggang attended the meeting.


The delegation visited ShanghaiTech’s new campus and toured the Ultra-Intense Ultrashort Pulse Laser Facility. Moreover, delegates were invited to visit Chenshan Botanical Gardens to learn about its research and management. Padova’s Botanical Garden is the oldest university garden in the world.


As the second oldest university in Italy, University of Padova’s research in biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy and heritage protection are among the top in national rankings. ShanghaiTech and University of Padova have developed several collaborative programs in research and education after they signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2015. In August 2016, a group of around 30 ShanghaiTech students will participate in the specially tailored summer program in Italy offered by University of Padova.