Shell CTO Visits ShanghaiTech
Author:Office of International Affairs            Date:2016-04-07            Browse:1432

Shell CTO Yuri Sebregts, Senior Principal Research Alexander van der Made, Senior Researcher Peter Veenstra visited ShanghaiTech on April 6th. It was the first visit to ShanghaiTech for Yuri Sebregts, who became CTO of Shell in 2015. ShanghaiTech President Jiang Mianheng and Vice President & ProvostYin Jie met with the delegation. Sun Yuhan, Vice President of CAS Shanghai Advance Research Institute (SARI), also attended the meeting.


President Jiang welcomed the delegation and talked about the founding of ShanghaiTech and its mission. Vice President Yin gave a detailed introduction to ShanghaiTech's latest developments. Assistant Professor Lin Bolin from School of Physical Science and Technology (SPST) presented the overview and research strengths of SPST. Currently Professor Lin Bolin is undertaking a two year research project with Shell’s Frontier R&D Program. In addition, Shell set up a Fellowship (Shell Award for Excellence in Energy Research and Innovation) for outstanding students from SARI and ShanghaiTech. Qin Tian, Masters student of ShanghaiTech, won the first Award this year.

Yuri Sebregts was very much impressed by ShanghaiTech’s innovative concepts and fast development. Shell’s first China Technology Center is located in Zhangjiang, neighboring ShanghaiTech’s new campus. Both sides acknowledged that the geographical proximity would facilitate future cooperation and the many energy-related research of SPST would be the foundation for potential joint projects. ShanghaiTech may share its big scientific facilities with Shell, while Shell could collaborate with ShanghaiTech on research and career development.


Before the meeting, President Jiang and ShanghaiTech professors listened to a Yuri Sebregts’ speech on “Making a Difference through Collaboration”, an in-depth analysis of global resource structure and technology trends. The delegation also visited the Ultra-Intense Ultra Short Laser Lab of ShanghaiTech.