Drexel University Delegation Visits ShanghaiTech
Author:Office of International Affairs            Date:2015-11-02            Browse:1586
On November 2nd a Drexel University delegation led by President John Fry visited ShanghaiTech. Accompanied by Vice President & Provost Yin Jie, the delegation had a bird's eye view of the new campus and visited the labs of School of Physical Science and Technology, School of Life Science and Technology, SIAIS, and iHuman Institute. To strengthen the mutual understanding between the two universities, the delegation talked with ShanghaiTech faculty representatives. In the afternoon, President Jiang Mianheng met with the delegation. ShanghaiTech Deans and the Director of the Library and Information Service Center and the leadership of SARI informed the delegation of their institutions' latest developments, and their counterparts from Drexel introduced their respective schools. The conversation paved the way for exploring collaborations.

After the discussion, Fry delivered a speech entitled "Innovation and Entrepreneurship- Key Elements in a 21st Century Education." In his introductory remarks, President Jiang reflected on his days studying at Drexel University and pointed out that as a PhD graduate of Drexel, he is leading the faculty and students of ShanghaiTech to "create an outstanding university with great impact in higher education of China."

In his speech, President Fry highlighted the ways in which expanded understandings of entrepreneurship help us to prepare students to be innovators, critical and creative thinkers, resilient and courageous actors, collaborative team builders and skilled communicators. He talked about entrepreneurship as a habit, an attitude, approach to life and a process of seizing and creating opportunities to produce something of value-be it a new product, start-up, or for social good. The students were highly interested in this topic and asked questions on how to balance their studies and entrepreneurial attempts, and how to tackle failure while trying to be innovative.

Last year, ShanghaiTech and Drexel University signed a MOU. Many professors and leaders from Drexel have visited ShanghaiTech, and they held in-depth talks with ShanghaiTech faculty in physical science and information sciences. The delegation's visit lay a solid foundation for the future collaboration with Drexel in Physical Science, Design and Media Art.