Undergraduate Awarded Amgen Scholarship
Author:Office of Academic and Student Affairs             Date:2015-07-16            Browse:1327

On Wednesday, 15th, July, 2015, a special ceremony was held to present the 2015 Amgen Scholarships to undergraduate students.

The awards ceremony was attended by Vice Present and Provost Jie Yin, Vice Present Jinkang Gong, Vice Presentof Amgen(Shanghai)Mingqiang Zhang, Head of Chemistry of Amgen(Shanghai) Wenge Zhong, Head of Biology of Amgen(Shanghai) Liaoyuan Hu and Head of External R&D and Licensing of Amgen(Shanghai) Min Wu. 


Jinkang Gong extended a warm welcome to the representatives of Amgen and introduced the vision and mission of ShanghaiTech University. Jie Yin pointed out that industry Scholarship isto support the oversea studies of undergraduates and that the university will try to expand the coverage, especially those outstanding students with economic difficulty in the future. All the awardees will do university service for certain hours after they are back.

Mingqiang Zhang introduced the Amgen, which is founded 35 years ago and now grows intothe world's largest independent biotechnology company. Amgen has a vibrant research section oriented towards the practical applications of research and the R&D site in China focuses on basic science. To encourage the students’ international studies is also part of Amgen’s social responsibilities.

Representatives of Amgen shared with students their personal stories,talked about the life of a scientist, the difference of academia and industry, and discovery of medicine, etc.After the ceremony, students were invited to visit Amgen (Shanghai).

Founded in 1980, Amgen is the world's largest independent biotechnology firm with branches in 75 nations.It has established strategic partnership with ShanghaiTech University.Amgen Scholarship will award 5 undergraduate students every year for 5 years from 2015.