MIT-China Educational Technology Initiative (CETI) 3 day workshop takes place at ShanghaiTech
Author:School of Entrepreneurship and Management            Date:2015-07-08            Browse:1272

From July 2rd to 4th, a team of five students from MIT’s China Educational Technology Initiative (CETI) project visited ShanghaiTech University and ran a 3 day workshop for 18 of our freshmen. The team consisted of students Management and Materials Engineering Materials Science and Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Through the workshop, ShanghaiTech students gained insights into the educational atmosphere of MIT and the United States in general. The CETI program at ShanghaiTech built ties between ShanghaiTech and MIT, and paved the way for further ShanghaiTech-MIT collaborations.


This 3-day workshop series comprised three parts: technical sharing, soft-skill improvement and cultural exchange. MIT students communicated with our students about the most popular topics at MIT such as major themes in computer science and emerging discoveries in biological engineering and other sciences. During the workshop, ShanghaiTech students also developed new perspectives on approaching problems—how to analyze and discuss, how to improve spatial and communication abilities through instructing others how to build a given structure and how to apply solutions to the physical world by working with teams through hands-on projects, presenting ideas to clients, or turning ideas into businesses. In the classroom, our time was no less enjoyable. Students also heatedly explored cultural topics, such as recent fashion trends, food, music, festival celebration and business etiquette to provide a better understanding of life in the U.S. and China. The positive attitude of the students motivated us to forget about the Mei-yu weather in Shanghai and focus on our projects and discussion.


Our students said that they would like to have further interaction between the two universities and students. They hope that there are more and more such great opportunities to broaden their view and experience different educational technologies and culture. Meanwhile, MIT students were impressed by our talented students and said that “they had some good ideas and each one of them left a deep impression on us.”

[About CETI]

Each summer since 1996, CETI has sent between 15 and 21 MIT students to high schools and universities in cities and towns across mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. CETIzens have introduced curriculums on web design, programming, robotics, electrical engineering, biology, economics, and more.