ShanghaiTech Advances in Research Symposium 2015: Materials Biology
Author:School of Physical Science and Technology            Date:2015-06-29            Browse:1228

From June 24th to 26th, the ShanghaiTech Advances in Research (STAR) Symposium 2015 (STAR Symposium 2015) took place in Pudong Shanghai. The organizers are Prof. Peidong Yang, founding Dean of School of Physical Science and Technology (SPST) at ShanghaiTech and Prof. Christopher Chang and Prof. Michelle Chang, both Distinguished Professors-in-Residence. More than 200 researchers and students from leading universities, research institutions and companies home and abroad attended the Symposium.

ShanghaiTech President Mianheng Jiang and Vice Presdient Jinkang Gong attended the opening ceremony. In his welcome speech, Prof. Mianheng Jiang welcome all participants and gave a brief introduction to the mission, strategy and potential of ShanghaiTech. Prof. Peidong Yang introduced the development plan, faculty and research infrastructure of SPST.

The topic of this inaugural STAR symposium is "Materials Biology", an emerging frontier of research and education at the intersection of the physical and life sciences. Plenary presentations from leading scientists across this novel interdisciplinary field provided a broad perspective on current research and educational developments as well as future challenges and opportunities for innovation. Speakers included Prof. Charles M. Liber and Hongkun Park from Harvard University, Prof. Chad A.Mirkin and Prof. Samuel I. Stupp from Northwestern University, Prof. Nadrian C. Seeman from New York University, Prof. Douglas S. Clark from the University of California Berkeley, Prof. Hongjie Dai from Stanford University, Prof. Laura L. Kiessling from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Prof. Joachim P. Spatz from University of Heidelberg, Prof. Molly M. Stevens from Imperial College London, Prof. Younan Xia from Georgia Institute of Technology, Prof. Haw Yang from Princeton University, Prof. Taeghwan Hyeon and Prof. Jwa-Min Nam from Seoul National University, Prof. Dongyuan Zhao from Fudan University and Lei Jiang from Institute of Chemistry, Chinese of Academy of Science. Apart from plenary presentations, a poster session with a cocktail party was held in the afternoon of the first day.

The STAR Symposium series promoted and supported scientific exchange and relationships between ShanghaiTech, China, and the greater international community. The format is a single stream of elite-level, international plenary lectures in an area of broad scientific interest as quality, not quantity, is the mission of this new School and University.