ShanghaiTech iHuman Institute holds “The First Annual Shanghai GPCR Forum”
Author:iHuman Institute            Date:2013-12-11            Browse:2142
The first Annual Shanghai GPCR Forum was held by iHuman institute of ShanghaiTech University on Dec 1st at Parkyard Hotel Shanghai. More than 200 people from over 50 research organizations and International pharmaceutical companies attended this forum.

As one of a series of celebration events for the official establishment of ShanghaiTech University, the Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of ShanghaiTech University, Prof. Yin Jie, was invited to address an opening remark. Prof. Raymond Stevens, Founding Director of iHuman, and Prof. Liu Zhi-Jie, Deputy Director of iHuman institute co-chaired the forum. Eleven leading experts from the world-famous universities were invited to give exciting academic reports, including Prof. Raymond Stevens (Founding Director of iHuman), Prof. Kurt Wüthrich (2002 Nobel Prize winner), Prof. Ruiping Xiao (Director of IMM, PKU), Prof. Hualiang Jiang (Deputy director of SIMM), Prof. Mingwei Wang (Director of CNCL), Prof. Richard Ye (Dean, School of Pharmacy, SJTU),Prof. Eric Xu (SIMM), Prof. Beili Wu (SIMM), Prof. Qiang Zhao (SIMM), Prof. Zhi-Jie Liu (Deputy director of iHuman)and Prof. Fei Xu (iHuman Institute).

In addition to the academic reports, another highlight of this forum is the “Round-table Discussion”. People from different International pharmaceutical companies (Prizer, GSK, Sanofi, Amgen, Eli-lilly, Novo nordisk, Roche, Novatis, etc.,) sitting together with the representatives from academic institutes had face-to-face discussions on how to bring together the strengths and resources from the GPCR academia with industry in a most efficient way. The forum was supported by Shanghai Government, Chinese Academy of Sciences and many local companies. Also, twenty ShanghaiTech students were invited to attend this forum which provided them a great chance to learn the cutting edge science and to interact with the GPCR experts.

At the end of the forum, Prof. Raymond Stevens gave the closing remarks. He appreciated the efforts from the organizers, the speakers, and all the attendees, to make this forum a successful one.