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Office of the President Tel: 86-21-54201357 Email: office@shanghaitech.edu.cn
Office of Academic and Student Affairs Tel: 86-21-64337387 Email: student@shanghaitech.edu.cn
Office of Research Administration Tel: 86-21-54205366 Email: research@shanghaitech.edu.cn
Office of International Affairs Tel: 86-21-54201356 Email: oia@shanghaitech.edu.cn
Office of Human Resources Tel: 86-21-54201363 Email: hr@shanghaitech.edu.cn
School of Physical Science and Technology Tel: 86-21-54200204 Email: spst@shanghaitech.edu.cn
School of Life Science and Technology Tel: 86-21-54201137 Email: slst@shanghaitech.edu.cn
School of Information Science and Technology Tel: 86-21-54201291 Email: sist@shanghaitech.edu.cn
School of Entrepreneurship and Management Tel: 86-21-54219010 Email: sem@shanghaitech.edu.cn
Shanghai Institute for Advanced Immunochemical Studies Tel: 86-21-20350914 Email: siais@shanghaitech.edu.cn
iHuman Institute Tel: 86-21-20325187 Email: ihuman@shanghaitech.edu.cn