Shanghai Municipal Committee Party Secretary Inspects ShanghaiTech

ON2018-06-07TAG: ShanghaiTech UniversityCATEGORY: General News

Jointly established by Shanghai Municipal Government and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, ShanghaiTech is devoted to fostering the next generation of leading scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs and exploring cutting-edge research areas critical to national, economic and social development. During his visit, Li Qiang was given an introduction of ShanghaiTech and affirmed the progress achieved by the University. He said Shanghai Municipal Government will continue to support ShanghaiTech in educational reform and innovation.

Delegates from Shanghai Municipal Government toured the campus after the meeting. In School of Information Science and Technology, delegates interacted with faculty and technicians and learned about the latest developments of fog computing, block chain and light fields. In School of Physical Science and Technology, Li Qiang asked about the construction of the Hard X-ray Free Electronic Laser Facility and visited the Topological Quantum Physics Lab and the newly established Electron Microscopy Center. The delegation visited School of Life Science and Technology, Shanghai Institute for Advanced Immunochemical Studies (SIAIS) and iHuman Institute. Li Qiang stated his belief that significant scientific discoveries and findings are made where top scientists are and said he hoped ShanghaiTech would deepen its talent recruitment and international cooperation.

Li Qiang communicated with faculty and student representatives, urging students to appreciate college life and make full use of resources and facilities to study and research. He encouraged students to be passionate and innovative, stay curious and live ethically, in order to make their own contributions to social development.