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iHuman Institute of ShanghaiTech, together with Pharma and Academia, Launches a New International GPCR Consortium to Advance Structural Study of G-protein Coupled Receptors
Congratulations to Professor Richard A. Lerner and Roger D. Kornberg for Being Awarded the Honorary Fellows of China Chemical Society [2014-10-16]
School of Entrepreneurship and Management Successfully Delivers the Applied Innovation and Leadership Course [2014-10-09]
Opening Ceremony for Undergraduates of Class 2018 and 2014 New Postgraduates Held at ShanghaiTech [2014-10-01]
SIST Seminar — Micro Piezoelectric Energy Harvester Fabricated with PZT Thin-film Using Aerosol Deposition Method [2014-11-06]
SEM Seminar – Biotechnology Innovation and Entrepreneurship [2014-11-05]
SIST Seminar — Device Evaluation and Advanced Circuit Prototyping with Wide Bandgap Power Devices [2014-11-04]

Faculty Recruitment in SLST, ShanghaiTech University [2014-10-1]
Faculty positions in iHuman Institute, ShanghaiTech University [2014-4-24]
Faculty positions in School of Information Science and Technology(SIST), ShanghaiTech University [2014-1-1]
Faculty Positions in School of Physical Science and Technology (SPST), Shanghaitech University [2014-1-1]
Faculty Positions in School of Entrepreneurship and Management(SEM), ShanghaiTech University [2014-1-1]
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